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Missed Opportunity

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Missed Opportunity

Here it is, July 15th and I’m filing away the 3 birthday cards I received on my 68th birthday last month. (I hope my heirs appreciate the effort I put into saving memorabilia.) My last weekly blog was June 16th and I had an opportunity to stay on schedule and write something profound on my birthday, June 23rd, and publish on time, but I missed that opportunity.

If a person has something profound to say, the audience might expect it to come out on an occasion such as a birthday, even though the 68th seems to be a minor birthday based on the number of cards I received. Back in 2007 I was involved in an online fulfillment business where you could write a card online in a font made from your own hand writing, and the company would print, stamp and mail. I know over a period of ten years I sent about 8000 cards. I hope all those cards are safely stored in boxes in basements everywhere for their heirs to find.


My excuse for said missed opportunity is that I’ve been fairly busy and the week before, we had been on vacation in Colorado bla bla bla. (Let’s go to coffee and I’ll show you 500 pictures on my phone.) My other excuse is, when I write I’d like it to make an impact. That usually means saying something profound, but for some reason I had nothing profound to bring to the table. Maybe that’s profound in itself.

Speaking Of Busy

Speaking of busy, here’s a couple of things I’ve been working on.

Shift with Intention… and Soar

Early in June I was fortunate to be contracted to photograph cocktail event book launch for a local author. Her name is Jaime Zografos and her book is Shift with Intention. The book is a compilation of 42 short narratives where the authors share their personal difficulties and the “shift” they made resulting in positive outcomes. I recommend the book.

Here’s some of the work I did that evening in a 3 minute video. The video was compiled by DJ Tim Bussen with Good Times Entertainment. Thank you Tim.

Busy on the Campaign Trail

No, I am not running for office, but Mike Carter is. This is the kind of work that I classify as “branding“. Mike is an attorney and a municipal judge. running for state senate in the newly formed 10th district in Missouri. It’s good for my ego to see my photography on billboards and in the media. Here is a sample of that work.

  • Candidate for Mo State Senate
  • Candidate for Mo State Senate
  • Candidate for Mo State Senate
  • Candidate for Mo State Senate
  • Candidate for Mo State Senate
  • Candidate for Mo State Senate
  • Candidate for Mo State Senate
  • Candidate for Mo State Senate
  • Candidate for Mo State Senate

Photo of the Day

I’ve got a lot of good work that I could share, but I’ll leave you with this one. James Bond is a banker in Western Saint Charles County, so after we made the “banker” head shot, I moved some lights and backgrounds around and made this image. (By the way ladies, James is spoken for…).

James Bond
Bond. James Bond


I’m sorry I didn’t have anything profound to say today. At least I didn’t miss this opportunity to share some beautiful inspiring photos with you. Thanks for coming by. Feel free to drop your comments in the box below.

And finally let me encourage you to NOT miss an opportunity to send someone a card or letter. It will make a positive impact today and 50 years from now when their heirs find the dusty box under the stairs.

Your friend,

Ps. I’m booking work and available for business professional portraiture as well as family portraiture, events, occasions etc. And I try to keep my Amazing Photograph Gallery fresh for your pleasure.

10 thoughts on “Missed Opportunity

  1. The card you sent me after our session is on my fridge! I would rather have a bigger framed copy of the beautiful photo that you took – but I really enjoy seeing the photo every day. It brings me to happy place between the photo and the appreciation that comes from it. I really like that card!😊 Have a blessed weekend Mike and say hi to Patty for me😊

    1. Thank you Janet. It is so nice to hear your affirming words and I couldn’t be happier that my work serves you.

  2. I think you always have profound things to say Mike and I enjoy your blogs. Your photos of Mike and James are dynamic! I too love your beautiful cards and appreciate your sentiment behind keeping the dusty old box filled with memories.

    1. Tina – I feel so fortunate to have people in my circle like you and Dan.

  3. Your thoughts are always profound and enjoyable

    1. Thank you and I miss you.

  4. Love the cards you send … I have yours of the bridge hanging up.

    1. I love the connection we have Heather.

  5. I still have all the cards you sent me. You always picked the right time to send one and brighten up my day.

    1. You brighten up my day Kevin

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