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Funny Story

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Interesting selection

I had the pleasure last week of photographing 25 insurance agents for a company in St. Louis. Comprehensive Benefits helps those of us 65 and up with our Medicare supplement plans. Since I’m not cheap, the owner cleverly found a couple of insurers to sponsor the event. When I got to my designated studio area I found these flyers plugging the sponsors.

Immediately I thought what an interesting selection for my head shot. My camera was sitting on a tripod on Main Street in St. Charles and Patty pulled the trigger. It was late in the afternoon on March 17, 2020. St. Patrick’s Day had just been cancelled along with baseball, hockey and most every activity we know as “normal”. I remember feeling rather “chapped” like the rash on my chin – and blue that day. Come to find out, an intern chose the photo.

Maybe the intern saw the image as a seriously artsy moody artist. But actually, I was just pissed like everyone else in a world that had just turned on it’s head.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on the selection in the comment box below.

The Blue Frames

Sad but funny story here. I was considering replacing the lightly scratched lenses in these blue frames that I wore on certain occasions. So last week when they blew out the back of a yellow Mustang convertible as we were driving 60 down a 4 lane highway I had to say good-bye. I was doing branding work for my client Barb Nelson who owns Beacon Virtual Assistants. I find some consolation in that I lost them in line of duty. But I got some pretty cool pics like this one.

woman in rear view mirror
Hot Rod ‘Stang

Gotta Run

I’ve been quite busy lately which is a blessing. One thing I did during the pandemic besides drink too much, was work on my processes and retouching skills. I was able to deliver the 25 prints and digitals in under a week.

I’ll leave you with one more image from the agency shoot. Every office should have one of these.

putting green

‘gotta run!

Bye for now,

Ps. If you need photography, and the work matters, give me a call to discuss your project.

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4 thoughts on “Funny Story

  1. So sorry the blue glasses are no longer, but the picture is pretty awesome if that’s any console to you. 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Slow down. That was the lesson learned. Don’t sweat the glasses.

  2. I always love your stories and insights, Mike. In the photo, you look serious and perhaps determined at first glance. Perhaps that’s why they chose that one. Or, maybe she was in a rush and just saw that one first. Or maybe her favorite color is blue. It’s hard to know what other people’s perspectives are of us. For the record, I like both photos. They each show a different you.

    1. My initial thought was, “that’s a lousy pic for this event”, but after a minute I thought that must have been chosen for a reason and that I should try to understand why. Thanks for sharing your insight Kim. ps. If you leave your website in the comment box, my readers can find you. Google likes it too.

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