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Boudoir Photography

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The Photographer’s Soul

Boudoir Photography

What makes you vulnerable, makes you beautiful.


What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir – a woman’s bedroom or private sitting room. Etymology. from French boudoir “lady’s dressing room,” literally, “a place to sulk,” from bouder “to sulk” ….

Photography – literally to write or draw with light. Etymology from φωτός (phōtós, “of light”, genitive), and γράφω (gráphō, “I write”).


No sulking when I’m shooting boudoir!

Mysteriously moody, secretively sensual, and when you least expect it, playful or silly… all ok.

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The Intention of My Boudoir Photography

The Intention of my boudoir photography is to elevate and illuminate my models in order to celebrate the person they are today, in this moment, body, soul and spirit. (Come to think of it, that’s how I approach all my portrait photography.)

And the value for the model is empowerment through self-acceptance, and self-awareness that in fact, yes you are beautiful.

There is beauty in every body.

Mike Winslow

The Finished Product

The finished product is a luxury album that you’ll love. It is a treasured memory that celebrates you. Keep it for yourself or share it with intimate friends. Ultimately the word legacy comes to mind. Leaving behind for others to find an honest loving slice of the real you in that moment of time.

woman yellow dress

Who Is Boudoir For?

Boudoir is for:

  • The woman beginning a new chapter in her life such as “finally divorced” and ready to live again.
  • The woman treating herself for the hard work and commitment to get in shape and losing the weight.
  • The woman in a loving long term relationship looking to bless her partner with a special gift.
  • The woman just beginning her married life that want’s to surprise the groom with an album of intimate images.
  • The woman who wants to celebrate maternity.
  • You, if you feel like getting vulnerable, being sassy, having fun and making beautiful art.

Choosing A Male Or Female Photographer

My thought when it comes to choosing a male or female photographer for this work comes in the form of a question. If you were to use masseuse, do you prefer a man or a woman? I’ve been with both, but in the end, I’d prefer a woman. My wife likes and is totally comfortable with “Joe”. (She keeps singing the praises of Joe, but I’m sticking with Lisa…)

I hope that helps. Here are a couple of galleries so you can see my work.
Boudoir Photography Gallery 1
Boudoir Photography Gallery 2

Where It Starts

All my projects begin with a phone call or email leading to an in-person meeting if possible, zoom if not, just to see if there is a connection. I’ll ask you to bring along photos that you like and want to emulate. I’ll have a gallery we can look at as well. Basically a conversation. If we’re both comfortable I’ll take a deposit and we’ll work out the particulars, time, location etc.

The Tastefully (in accordance with good taste) Taboo (forbidden) Boudoir Session is $1950.00 that includes hair and makeup, shooting session and a 8×8 luxury album with 10 spreads and 18 images that we choose. (We can break it up into payments if you like.) Digitals come with the images we choose for print. I’m proud to deliver this product and I know you’ll be proud to own this beautiful album.

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