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Bear Necessities

bull elk
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“Keep your eyes, nose and ears open and don’t stumble between a bear and her cub.”

Renowned elk hunter, Edward winslow, instructing his son how not to get killed by a bear while hunting in the bridger wilderness

Bear Necessities

I grew up in Wyoming during the 60s and 70s with renowned (at least in our neck of the woods) elk hunter, Ed Winslow. It was an annual event for Dad, and right of passage for the Winslow boys as we all matured enough to go hunting for five days or a week. I think I was 13 or 14 when I made my first trip.

After a Herculean effort (8 hour drive, then pack the horses with all your shit (bear necessities), an arduous 90-minute hike to base camp at 8000+ feet where then we had to unpack, tend to the horses and build a camp), I’d finally get to put my feet toward the fire and enjoy the stars.

But that’s background to the story today. In actuality there are a lot of things you don’t want to stumble between. A moose and her calf, bison and her calf, a feral cat and her kittens. And did I mention a wild horse and her colt?

The Wild Horse Photo

Patty and I worked pretty hard to get the early morning light behind us when I shot this wild horse photo which is framed and hanging in our home. (I love it because it’s a reminder of a fun weekend getaway to Echo Bluff State Park.)

Missouri wild horses round spring herd

The stallion was black (thus the colt). But I want you to notice the mare. She’s thin because at this point, she’s still nursing. And do you see the way her ears are laid back? My Wyoming woodsmanship is telling me she is none too happy to have us lingering around her baby.

Imaging My Surprise

So you can imagine my surprise when the curious colt trotted over to me and then to Patty.

My first thought was, “OK, now I’m going to die under thrashing hooves of this curios animal’s angry mother”.

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  • Photographer and wild horses
  • Photographer and wild horses
  • Photographer and wild horses
  • Photographer and wild horses
  • Missouri wild horses round spring herd
  • Missouri wild horses round spring herd
  • Photographer and wild horses

Boy was I relieved when this young guy went trotting back to his mother and needless to say, we lived to tell the story.


I Almost Crapped My Pants

This last Sunday I almost crapped my pants while watching CBS Sunday Morning. It’s a tradition around here. Make a nice Sunday breakfast and watch the program. And as their manner is, the last segment is always some nature video from any place in the world. Lo and behold this Sunday’s feature was about the Wild Horses in Missouri. You should watch the 2 minute segment. Here’s a portion. (This video is 1-minute long.)

I hope you enjoy this half as much as I did. CBS must have been there about the same time we were a year ago.

Final Thought

Final thought for those of you in the St. Louis area.

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