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Summer Solstice

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Summer breeze makes me feel fine –

Seals and Crofts

Summer Solstice

The summer solstice happened officially yesterday, June 20th. It’s the earliest date (on our calendar) since ole George Washington was President of the United States. It’s a celestial thing not bound by our Gregorian calendar.

What is bound by the calendar is my birthday, June 23. According to my mother, it was a hot summer day in 1954. Dwhite Eisenhower was President of the United States. A familiar name was Vice President, Richard Nixon.

One of my earliest memories about presidents was my mother taking us kids to the Cheyenne Wyoming airport for a glimpse of John F. Kennedy. I think he was campaigning for the office in the summer of 1960. He ran against and narrowly beat Richard Nixon.

Thinking of the solstice and summer, here are a couple of cloud photos from a recent road trip. The first is a summer rain storm in Western Nebraska taken with my cell phone from the highway.

summer rain storm

It’s Stormin’ Somewhere beneath this monster cloud in looking south from Cheyenne Wyoming.

summer clouds

America’s Passtime

A couple weeks ago a friend invited us to join him on the Roof Top at the Budweiser Brew House across the street from Busch Stadium for a game against the Pirates. Baseball is not only America’s passtime, for me, it marks the beginning of summer. Here a couple of slides.

  • busch stadium
  • budweiser brew house
  • Baseball fan

Just to see how much zoom I could gracefully pull out of my 70×200 lens, here are a couple slides of Miles Mikolas launching one for a Pirate’s batter. Pretty good images for being across the street.

  • St. Louis Cardinals Miles Mikolas
  • St. Louis Cardinals Miles Mikolas
  • St. Louis Cardinals Miles Mikolas
  • St. Louis Cardinals Miles Mikolas

Corporate Headshot Photography

I’ve had a fairly busy spring. My bread and butter mostly includes family photography and corporate headshot photography.

The corporate types love me because I get in and get out. Basically, I make having their photo made, painless. I set up my studio and photographed 10 members of the Polaris Law Group in their conference room. Including setup and break down, I was out of their office in just under 3 hours. Here a couple.

  • Law Group
  • man professional headshot
  • woman professional headshot
  • man professional headshot

Family Photography

Working with families to create memories and legacy photographs is fun. What is your favorite park or place? I love making family photos in a location that already holds good memories. The photo below was made in Laumeier Sculpture Park in Kirkwood, Missouri.

In Closing

I’m hugely grateful that you chose to spend a few minutes with me today and pray the summer breeze makes you feel fine.


2 thoughts on “Summer Solstice

  1. Thank you for the lovely family photos at the Sculpture Park. Not only did the photos turn out beautiful, but you made it an enjoyable experience. You knowledge of photography and light is impressive and made a real difference.

    1. Deborah – I was honored to give your family a memorable experience.

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