Up Your Image Studio Session

If your headshot on LinkedIn and other places looks like this… or worse like your ex-spouse is cropped out but you can still see the shoulder, and especially if…

it is a selfie,…

it’s time to up your game.

They are not supposed to, but people judge you by your looks. If your headshot is rinky dink, well…

With the advent of the cell phone, everyone is a photographer. However, a professional image still requires skill, equipment and communication with the model (you). Because of that, I prefer a brief conversation on the phone or in person (if convenient) to discover your intent which includes your profession, target audience, your experience, your personality, concerns, and your likes. I’d love to see any favorite photographs you’d like me to emulate (or ones you hate – which techniques and styles will be avoided).

During your 40-60 minute studio sitting, (see my portfolio here), we go right to work on getting the priority images. Once that’s satisfied, we can play around getting a casual or social shot. Feel free to bring a change of clothes or two, some bling i.e. favorite necklace, necktie, hat, baseball glove, beads, glasses, …

Up Your Image my most popular in studio package, runs $175.00 and consists of:
• 2 high-resolution post processed (edited and polished) digital files 8×10 suitable for print or any media. Maybe one business profession image and one casual or social. You decide.
• I also include the proofs (web ready files) that we make in the session for any non-commercial non-print purpose like social media. I realize this is a break from tradition.

See the one minute video below.

On Site Portrait Services

Location Shoot _ one subject or model. 2 hours $350.00
• At your business or home (may require additional travel fees)
• Environmental shoots. Many clients like an urban, park, landmark or other outdoor or indoor background for their images that convey their personality or message. (may require additional travel fees)
• Includes 2 high-resolution post processed (edited and polished) digital files 8×10 suitable for print or any media and the web sized proofs for non-commercial purposes.


Portrait sessions require a 50% deposit to secure the appointment with balance due at beginning of the session.

• Additional high-resolution files $45.00 ea.
• I offer printing and framing – priced by size and paper, I will gladly provide a quote.
• I will consider any specific requests you might have.

Other Products and Services
• Onsite team member or executive team business images.
Fine Art from existing catalog or commissioned projects.
• Custom fine art greeting cards
Commercial – product or catalog images for web or print
• Other types of portraiture including family, special occasion like anniversaries, birthday, baptism, engagement and on a limited basis wedding.
Fashion photography – call for quote
• Event photography – $1400/8 hours, $1200 non-profits

Contact me today to “Up Your Image”!

Reach me at or phone 636-578-5456

See Head Shot Portrait portfolio