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Pricing Photographic Print and Framing Options

Why Print Your Photographs?

When I die, I seriously doubt that any of my heirs or trustees will go through the about 60,000 images in my hard drive in an effort to decide what they want to take from my estate. There are about 500 photos on my phone right now that mean something to me, but probably will be lost when I expire.

But the prints, the books, the albums, the portfolios and the wall art will be simple. It’s easy to divide and maybe it will worth something after I’m gone… but ultimately what I’ve printed will be the story and legacy that I will leave behind.

… but ultimately what I’ve printed will be the story and legacy that I will leave behind.

Mike Winslow

Why print?

Prints are tangible. As humans, we are not digital. We are analog beings. We see things because light is made up of waves, not bits (ones and zeros, positive and negative charges). If you lose you phone that print is still on the wall or the mantle. And after it’s served it’s purpose, it will get filed in the basement waiting to be discovered by the next generation.

Why print? In one word, legacy! Legacy is defined briefly as “a gift of property, especially personal property…” A print is a tangible image celebrating or documenting your story at that moment in time.

How it works

The setting fee must be paid in full before the session. All products are sold separately unless otherwise specified in the description.

Products A La Carte Price List

Digital Products

5 Web optimized files
In some cases, all the selected proofs
(Digital products are optimized for electronic viewing, not print.)

Professional Photographic Paper Prints

(In certain cases, retouching may require extra time and charge.)

By Quote
5×7 or 8×10 print & file
11×14 print & file
Larger sizes
*Ask about package pricing.

Wall Art – Canvas Gallery Wrap

Canvas gallery wraps (CGW) are an elegant and affordable way to decorate your home or office. If you really want to kick up a gallery wrap, add a float frame.

photo mounting
By Quote
By Quote
16×20 CGW
24×30 CGW
24×36 CGW
Larger Sizes
Float Frame

Metal Photographic Prints

Metal is a great medium to present your artistic tastes and it makes bright and colorful images really pop!

By Quote
16×20 Metal
24×30 Metal
24×36 Metal
Other sizes

Framed Photographic Prints

Framed photographic prints are still the gold standard for your most precious memories. Here are samples of the frames I typically stock. For example the first image below and 8×10 image, 2 inch mat, and a 1 inch black frame retails for $225. Prices go up from there. Conservation reflection control glass is slightly more. All framed prints by quote.

Luxury Photo Albums and Books

My luxury albums truly are keepsakes. Albums are great for several types of photography like senior photos, engagement, maternity and boudoir. Because every album comes with options, i.e. number of pages, brand, cover, imprinting, albums are quoted at time of purchase based on size of album and number of pages.

Gemstone is the top of the line and comes in many sizes and choice of cover including leather, cloth, and imprinting.

8×8 Leather Cover, 10 spreads $1050

Photobook is an excellent choice as well. Slightly more economical than Gemstone.

8×8 Cloth, 10 spreads $695

Little Black Book – High quality prints, most affordable.

5×7 Black Cover, 10 spreads $395

The presentation box allows you display different matted photos (with the help of a small easel) and it’s classy.

Many Options

As your photographer and consultant it’s my job to help you create something special and unique, a work of art that you and yours will cherish.

Call 636-578-5456 or email me to get started.

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