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The Big Picture

A Big Picture – The Sioux Power Plant in West Alton Missouri

One of my favorite spots in the region, Aries Winery in Grafton Illinois, is located northwest of this power plant about 10 miles. Besides the wine, the beautiful view of the Mississippi River and surrounding bluffs, the view down river includes a distant view of the stack and flue-gas drifting and dissipating toward the east. This photograph was taken from the south, off Highway 94 in St. Charles County on a very dreary February 15, 2020.

The headline might suggest that the author (me) is preparing to enlighten the the audience (you) with a revelation of such a magnitude, it is likely to change your life in some colossal way.

Not being the type to let you down, here’s my message.

If I squint real hard in my mind and imagine myself standing next to one of the coal cars in this photograph:
1) I’m reminded to stay humble. I clearly couldn’t be the center of the universe and therefore shouldn’t take myself too seriously. I’m only a speck inhabiting the planet. 2) Big things like power plants and trains to deliver the coal are built when a whole lot of specks like me work together for the greater good. 3) From the nearest star, the earth would appear perfectly round. This power plant wouldn’t show up as a pimple on the earth’s face. So collectively maybe we should keep our pride in check. That is the big picture.

Where might that leave us? We are on a journey together on this planet and the time we have is limited. I’m personally grateful you’ve given me a moment of yours view my photographs consider my musings. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below and consider subscribing.