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Corporate Headshot Photography

Corporate Headshot Photography On-site

Most humans don’t enjoy the portrait process. I make it fun and easy when it comes to corporate headshot photography.

Recently a local office of a national company had me in to update their agents’ headshots. Here is one before and after.

Professional Headshot Portraits For Your Corporate Image

I bring the complete studio on location. Make sure to have a well lit room with mirror to give the “models” a chance to refresh before sitting for the shot.

This is a recent project from the summer of 22. We made 25 headshots and a few leadership team photos for Comprehensive Benefits in the span of about 6 hours all together. All the photos were retouched. Usually light cosmetic on teeth, cover over blemishes and crows feet or bags under the eyes.

Please enjoy this gallery of corporate headshot photography.

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Enjoy my current faves gallery here.