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Corporate Headshot Photography

Corporate Headshot Photography On-site

Most humans don’t enjoy the portrait process. I make it fun and easy when it comes to corporate headshot photography.

I recently did a photo shoot with a team of Thrivent Financial Advisors and their support staff. We secured a banquet room at the Missouri Athletic Club to do the headshots, and then did some group shots in the lobby and dining room. (A tip of the hat to the MAC. Photography can be disruptive in a public environment and all the staff were very accommodating and hospitable.)

We met up at 3pm and did the headshots in the banquet room, then proceeded to shoot group shots in the dining room and lobby. I think this video will give you a good feel how I work with my clients.

Finally I’d like to shout out my lovely assistant, Patty for all the behind the scenes photos. Please enjoy this short presentation.

On-Site Corporate Headshot Portraits

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Corporate Headshot Day O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce

I bring the complete studio on location.

Here is a gallery of the work I did with the O’Fallon Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry in April 2023. Click on any photo for gallery view.

No9 Networking Headshot Day

This was a fun day meeting and photographing local business leaders. Click on the image to enjoy.

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Corporate Headshot Day – Comprehensive Benefits

This is a project from the summer of 22. We made 25 headshots and a few leadership team photos for Comprehensive Benefits in the span of about 6 hours all together. All the photos were retouched. Usually light cosmetic on teeth, cover over blemishes and crows feet or bags under the eyes.

Please enjoy this gallery of corporate headshot photography.

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