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Make Memories Be Happier

Family Portrait
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The Photographer’s Soul

Happiness and its feelings are associated with three tangible phenomena in our lives that we can actually understand and manage: enjoyment, satisfaction, and meaning.

Arthur c. brooks

Money Can’t Buy You Happiness

…and it can’t “buy me love” but, money can buy experiences and according to Arthur C. Brooks, when you share an enjoyable experience with other people you make memories that elevate your happiness. In a podcast with Tim Ferriss, Brooks cited beer commercials as social proof. They never show someone drinking alone.

In a moment of clarity, I summarized the concept in this mathematical equation, Make Memories = Be Happier.

One way to preserve memories is by printing and displaying a photographs of enjoyable events somewhere in your living space. (I’ll bet you didn’t see that coming.)

Patty and I have a large framed cork board downstairs by the ping pong table (3’x4′) and it’s full of 5×7 prints that is a living work of art as it’s constantly evolving. On a more permanent note, we have wall art that not only decorates our home, but serves as a memory of events, places and people that we’ve both enjoyed like this canvas print of a mare and her nursing colt.

Wall art

Wild Horses

The Ozark Scenic Riverways in central and southern Missouri is managed by the National Park Service and is host to three wild horse herds. Since Patty loves horses (and most animals), we had been to the area to (attempt to) photograph these animals several times with no luck. When we would find them the wild beasts made sure the sun was a poor angle for a good shot and they’d rarely look up from their grazing. It was then I swore I wasn’t going to mess with those “damn” horses again. I’d just enjoy the beautiful fall scenery and relax.

So last October when we took our weekend getaway at Echo Bluff State Lodge, It was still dark when we woke up at 6a.m. and couldn’t fall back asleep. So we decided to drive to Eminence Missouri (about 30 miles down the two lane winding country road) for breakfast.

It was just before sunrise looking off to the left, down the hill and through the trees when, low and behold what did I see? You guessed it, the wild horses. Without trying to send Patty through the windshield I hit the brakes and found a (relatively) safe place to get off the highway. Forgetting the oath I’d sworn, I grabbed my camera. Patty grabbed hers. Then we began to stealthy circle around in order to get the rising sun at our back and the rest, as they say, is history.

I could elaborate further but I think you get it. I’d like to mention my friend Nick Roach, made the two portraits on the shelf of Patty and Me. We love them. And the photo in the middle is a self-portrait we made in the studio last Halloween. All great memories.

Your Walls

Family Christmas Photos

Your Walls

So what’s hanging on your walls these days? A fine art print of Elvis on velvet that you picked up in Tijuana Mexico during your first vacation after you were married 20 years ago? How about pastel paintings on canvas from Marshalls Department Store? I won’t hold that against you. I am just suggesting getting some pics of the family, friends and events printed and hung on at least one of your walls.

Create Memories = Be Happier will be on the test.

In Closing

In closing if you are interested fall family photography and would like to create keepsake prints, wall art or albums I have I little form on this link (below) and you can send me your thoughts and questions. I will say time is running out for fall and holiday portrait sessions. Family Portraiture

As always, I appreciate your readership. I hope you always find a morsel of humor, and something valuable during your visit.