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My Story

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The Photographer’s Soul

My Story 1954-2006

Man on Locomotive

After graduating high school in 1972 in Cheyenne Wyoming, I went to work as a laborer at a plumbing company and gained some experience around and on heavy equipment. I took that skill set and went to work building and maintaining roads along the right-of-way for the Union Pacific Railroad. Later I went into train service as a switchman/brakeman. I walked away from railroading in 1979 to study theology and in 1982 started Eagle Maintenance Window Cleaning in Laramie Wyoming, 40 years ago. I brought the window cleaning to St. Louis in 1984 and sold it in 2006. However, I still have one or two good clients that have been with me for 20 years or so and you just might find me with a squeegee in my hand off and on. I think that’s part of what keeps me young. And it was in 2006 that a met Caren Libby in a social setting and she inspired me to upgrade my camera from a Coolpix to a full featured entry level camera, so I chose a Canon Rebel.

My Story 2006-2019

Through Meetup and Facebook, I found plenty of opportunities to learn my camera in all kinds of settings, and the people willing to share their knowledge. In 2009 I was contracted to photograph the Pronto Fashion Show in the Lumiere Hotel in St. Louis. I was in a little over my head but pulled it off because we had rehearsals and I had plenty of time to plan.

Photographer and Model
A friend shot the pic on the left while I shot the model in the fountain.

I think I used that Canon Rebel from 2006 through 2017 shooting anything and everything from fashion, portrait, commercial and landscape until I was able to upgrade to a Canon 6D. Now-a-days I lug around 2 Canon 5D Mark 4s and yes, they are heavy.

It was January 2019 when I decided to do the photography thing in earnest. Just over a year later you know what came along. I was blessed my partner didn’t miss a day work due to the pandemic. Patty kept us afloat while I remodeled our upstairs, took more online photography courses, started my website, and honed my processes.

My Story Presently

Presently I would describe myself as a boutique freelance photographer. I have a signature style head shot product that business professionals gravitate toward. All the rest of my work is unique and build around the client’s intent.

I don’t offer sports, weddings, real estate, or children’s photography.

My “lane” includes these following styles of photography:

Business Professional Head Shots
• Staff or team photos for agencies or professional practices
• Family Portraits
• Environmental (out of the studio)
• Fashion

Commercial Photography
• Events including festivals, fund raisers, golf tourneys, galas
• Business branding – individual and team images, about town or in the office
• Images for website or social media

• Boudoir, Glamour, and Maternity
• Heirloom and Luxury Photo Albums
• Eye Catching and Inspirational Art
• Custom Branded Greeting Cards

And since my story would not be replete without some compelling reason (other than putting food on the table), for choosing this vocation – mine can be simply stated in one word, legacy. I know every time that I deliver a finished project that my work will survive me and most likely my subject. My legacy is the watermark on that print. My client gets to enjoy the work now and their legacy is a tangible page in the story of their life that can be displayed on a wall, in an album, or stored in a dusty box in the basement waiting for someone to discover sometime in the future.

In Closing

That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it! I’m sure you have a story as well. Maybe it’s blog worthy. Email or call me and we can talk about it. And please leave any comments otherwise you might have in the appropriate box below. I love hearing from you. Leave your website (if you have one) so my readers can find you.

Your friend,

Ps. Don’t let your legacy disappear when either you, or your cell phone battery dies. Invest in a decent photographer, occasionally and buy a print or two. You and your heirs will be glad you did!

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