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The Omega

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The Omega

I found Tim Ferriss back in 2007 when he published his book, The Four Hour Work Week. Since then he’s published several more books and become the #1 Podcaster on Itunes. Recently he featured Sam Harris an American philosopher, author, and podcast host. And it’s Sam’s contribution to the podcast that got me thinking about the title to this blog. As the final letter in the Greek alphabet, omega is often used to denote the last, the end, or the ultimate limit of a set, in contrast to alpha. Check it out here, about 8 minutes into the podcast.

We do everything a finite number of times. And yet we even take beautiful moments for granted. The rest of the time we’re just trying to get through stuff, just trying to get to the end of…

Sam Harris

The Last Time

Everything in life has a last time. The ultimate last will be your last breath. But let’s back it up. For example, you might have a new baby. Night time feedings and lack of sleep can be stressful, but seeing it in the context of “there is coming a last time that the baby will wake you up in the middle of the night” puts the experience in a different light.

What Lasts or Omegas Can You Think Of?

Here’s a couple of starters. Leave your lasts in the comment box below.

  • Last time changing your child’s poopy diaper.
  • Last dance.
  • Last day on the job.
  • Your turn…..

Updated Head Shot Gallery

Photograph of photographer

Head Shot Portraits

I became serious about taking good portraits and making a profitable business in January 2019. Then the pandemic came a year later. Like everyone else, it messed me up. But, I’ve managed to do a fair amount of work (that matters) that I’m proud to share a portion with you here. Or click on my mug shot (left) to see my recently updated head shot gallery.

Overheard in a brewery somewhere…

I’ll cut my hair when the pandemic is over.

Obscure photographer/philosopher

Bonus Photo

I shot this photo at the Spirit Air Show in St. Louis June 11, 2022.

Blue Angels
Blue Angels

Final Thoughts (at least for this blog).

When was the LAST time you saw gasoline at $5 a gallon?

I hope this is not my last blog, but if it is, I’m leaving a lot of good pictures behind and I’ll continue to live on the walls, in the albums and in dusty boxes in some basement until my work is discovered 50 years later by someone’s descendant. That will be my legacy.


Ps. Legacy is what you leave behind. Why not leave behind some decent portraits to be remembered by. Don’t depend on those pics in your phone. Your photos will be gone when the battery dies. If you haven’t already, take a look at my portrait gallery. All my jobs begin with a conversation. Reach out when you are ready to talk. Here’s my info.

7 thoughts on “The Omega

  1. Don’t cut your hair- it suits you:)

    1. Thanks Angela! I’m glad we are in this journey together.

    2. Last first date.

      1. Thanks Lisa! The one I really worry about is my last massage.

  2. I agree with Angela. The hair works for you. I look at that blue angels photo and keep wondering if you could photoshop the numbers so it could be 314…it would be a great STL pic. Keep up the good work for people who care.

    1. Interesting idea

    2. That’s a great idea Aaron!

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