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Resolve to Evolve

Then and Now

I traveled by air last December and many of the ticketing and security people took a double take comparing my driver’s license (circa 2015) to my face. Okay, I admit I’ve gained a couple of pounds, but their startled expressions were a little over the top. So I lied to everyone for expediency with one word and a smile, “retired”, and that seemed to keep me off the no fly list.

I’m not really retired, I’m building a photography business from the ground up. I quit my last job (6 years to the day after I started) on Halloween 2018 (and that was no trick). Because of my age, they gave me an annuity! But that doesn’t make me retired, does it? Why does everybody ask me what’s it like to be retired? The real question should be, “How do you feel after quitting your job?” The answer is, “pretty damn good”. (Sorry for the digression.)

This blog is not about aging or the earth revolving around the sun. It’s about evolution, a choice any healthy human being can embrace or reject.

Looking at the two images above, I can see that I’ve evolved as a photographer. For one, I think I finally understand light. It’s relative! (Albert Einstein said that 100 years ago.) But in no way do I fool myself into thinking I’ve “arrived”, because I know there is more enlightenment coming before I get to the end of the tunnel. If I want to evolve, I need to be ready for it.

You must be dying to hear my tips for enhancing your own evolution:

  • Take a little time each week to simply “be” (see I Resolve). Here are some synonyms: chill, meditate, connect with the good energy found in the universe.
  • Read. While I’m not personally shooting for the stars hoping to hit the moon, I enjoy reading about those who are doing it. Presently I’m reading/listening to The Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger CEO of Disney. I’d be very interested to hear what everyone is reading. Please share in the comment section below.
  • Listen. Music and podcasts are great when you activity doesn’t require mental focus like washing windows, mowing the grass, exercise, taking a walk or bike ride. Two of my favorite blogger/pod-casters are Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin. Please leave your favorites in the comment section below.

In closing, my ask today is that if you’ve found value, potential or entertainment in this blog, please consider subscribing. I’ve resolved to publish one every Friday which means in a year you’ll be lucky to get twenty six in the coming year.

Happy Valentines Day!