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Bennett Spring State Park

A fun wholesome (but not boring) short story.

A couple of weeks ago, Patty, myself and some family traveled to Bennett Spring State Park to hang out for the weekend. (Click here to see a map.) Like the sign says, it’s in Missouri. And while a lot of people fish when there, I brought a comfy chair, a magazine and of course, my camera.

Bennett Spring State Park

A couple of facts that will become pertinent later:

  • Due to a momentary loss of presence of mind, I left my debit card at a restaurant in St. Louis that morning.
  • Due to lack of preparation, I didn’t have any cash. (Don’t worry, I had a credit card.)
  • Due to poor judgment, I had only brought two beers to “the spring” ignorant of the fact that we might be there for six or seven hours that afternoon!

Which brings me to a fun wholesome (but not boring) short story.

To begin, the weather was quite pleasant, not too hot. We arrived shortly after lunch and I found a shady spot to set my chair and enjoy my Shutter Magazine while the others fished. By early evening my two beers were long gone. Being the beer snob I see myself as, my brother-in-law’s “light” beer was below my consumption standards, so I was left with only water to drink.

Lo and behold, I was approached by two women from a near by cabin inquiring if I would be willing to take a picture of their family reunion (18 adults and 10 children). I always enjoy a good photographic challenge, so I accepted.

Initially it was chaos. But the Hulses took direction well and in only a few minutes we got everyone in place for this photo. I took several with somebody’s cell phone, then offered to shot one with my Canon. I also offered to give my photo if they reached out via email. I would have love to make this photo a gift but I haven’t heard from anyone yet.

Hulse Family Reunion. Move the slider all the way to either side to see how I removed the road, the fisherman and the grill from the final image.

The entire event lasted only 10 minutes if that. Afterward Danny Hulse offer me a cold IPA (India Pale Ale beer) and slipped me a $20.00 dollar tip. Suddenly I went from thirsty vagrant to hydrated celebrity photographer with the means of buying my own beer at the bait store.

That is the end of the story. I bet your heart is all twitterpated.

Back at my desk

Back at my desk, I went ahead and made a few edits. I removed a fisherman, the road and that nasty grill just for fun. Just move the slider all the way to one side or the other to see before and after images.

While I’m at it, I’ll share a couple more with you. I hope you enjoy the slide show below.

Wrapping up

I thought I’d answer that long pondered question. “Do the deer shit in the park?”


I hope you forgive me for the last pic. I know, it’s out of focus.

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