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The Shoestring Incident

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The Photographer’s Soul

My Own Issue

Photograph of a photographer

Actually I didn’t have an issue, until my sweetie took this photograph…

“Oh my god!”, I exclaimed, “those white shoes make me look just like an old man!”

And immediately I began a quest for some new casual shoes. Let me explain. As a photographer, white is not my favorite color. Sometimes it can create (another) issue in a photograph because of dynamic range. Dynamic range describes the ratio between the brightest and darkest parts of an image, from pure black to brightest white. The best digital cameras capture only half as much range as the human eye.

Additionally the human eye is drawn to the lightest part of a photograph first, i.e. my bonified white old man cross trainer tennis shoes.

So after leaving a small investment with Johnson and Murphy at the Galleria I walked away with two pair of comfortable stylish shoes. But that left me still without something to wear with shorts or for taking walks. My one criteria was, these shoes can’t be white! After a fair amount of shopping I found a pair of take a walk in your shorts casual shoes, but they came with blazing white shoestrings! Jeez. Amazon came to my rescue with some grey shoestrings.

But before I toally commit to the grey, I’d like to ask the opinion of you, my broad and diverse audience. Do you prefer the white shoestring or the grey? There is a comment box at the bottom of this page in which you can leave your vote.

New Balance Shoes
Grey or White Shoestrings

Work That Matters

For those of you who don’t know my offerings, here is a list of my services.

Professional Head Shot Portraits

Portraiture Styles:

  • Business Professional Head Shots
  • Family Portraits
  • Environmental (out of the studio, branding, senior, engagement)
  • Fashion (where you get treated like the model you are)

Unless you are a professional model, chances are you aren’t comfortable having your portrait made. “Mike makes the process relaxed, fun and easy.”

Commercial Photography:

  • Events including festivals, fund raisers, golf tourneys, galas
  • Business branding – individual and team images, about town or in the office
  • Images for website or social media

Fine Art

Mike’s Fine Art can be found displayed in offices, homes, coffee shops, and galleries around town.

  • Eye Catching and Inspirational Art
  • Custom Branded Greeting Cards
  • Heirloom and Luxury Photo Albums

For Her

  • Boudoir, Glamour, and Maternity

Work That Matters

And I’ve been working… This is Jack MacMurray (Jack Mac), World Champion Chef. Good fortune brought me the opportunity to make his portrait. Check out his Facebook Page.

World Champion Chef


Ten years ago I did some commercial work for Lighthouse for the Blind. (You can see some of the work here.) One of the products is first aid packaging. Just being flippant I made this image from a latex glove and it is a accurate representation of some of my feelings today toward:


Gasoline Prices
The policy makers responsible for this should have their balls cut off.

Mass Murderers
This is not a gun law problem. It a societal problem, community problem, and a manifestation of disease in the civilized world. And wouldn’t it be a deterrent if the teachers and administrators weren’t forbidden by “gun law” from carrying in a school? Joe Biden is surrounded by people with guns and it seems to be a deterrent to any maggot wanting to create mayhem in his crib. And finally, someone must have had a clue this sick attack was in the works and ratted this piece of shit out. If so, they should have their balls cut off too.

and while I’m at it

god damm Vladimir Putin.


In Closing

Life is precious and you just never know. Be sure display your love for the people you care about. And while I’m thinking about it, let me say that I love you.


Ps. If you want to see me in my Johnson and Murphys, call me up for a beer.
Pss. You can see some of my current work here.
Psss. Don’t forget to vote.