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The Winter Blues

con trails and winter sky
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The Photographer’s Soul

Defending himself from the suggestion that he might have seasonal affective disorder, the old man replied, “…his mental health was sound, its just that he feels a little sad when the leaves fall off the trees.”

The photographer’s soul

And in case the long nights and short days give you the winter blues too…

Something to Brighten Up Your Day

This 1-minute slide show is a luxury album I made for special client and dear friend, Amy Gill. We shot the photographs in August near the Missouri River at Weldon Spring.

The Holidays A Time of Generosity

I’m pretty sure the guys that invented the Holidays were sick and tired of the winter blues as well. The southern hemisphere was left out of the meeting and equation. (They got stuck with all that north pole and white Christmas bologna even though it is the middle of summer.)

Regardless of the weather, I think this season for genuine generosity. Ok, the gifts are nice, but how many people do we come across that for them the holidays aren’t so happy. Maybe they are lonely, hungry, suffering a loss… Recently an acquaintance on Facebook lost her husband to cancer. I can’t even imagine the sting she must feel in her heart.

Some Generosity Suggestions:

  • Yield the right of way. Remember everyone else on the roads feels the same way you do.
  • Be generous with your touch. An ancient text says the the touch of an “ambassador” is healing.
  • Be generous with the servers.
  • Be generous with your words. A word fitly spoken…
  • Be generous in patience and forgiveness with yourself and others.

Maybe you have some other ideas to cure the winter blues. Please leave your ideas in the comment box below.

In Closing

As we wrap up 2022, my wish for you is that you find peace and joy in the holiday season and good health and prosperity in the coming new year.


Ps. Feel free to browse Amazing Photos.

4 thoughts on “The Winter Blues

  1. Wise words, friend. Wise words.

    1. I’m glad I know generous people like you.

  2. Love your generosity suggestions! And what a beautiful job on my album. I can’t wait to gift it to Pavi.

    1. Thank you, generous Lady!

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