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Just Another Tick

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Just Another Tick

Back in June when Patty was making a small fuss over my 68th birthday, I remember commenting in my philosophical style, “It’s just another tick”. Tick because it reminded me time is passing, not because my great accomplishment at the moment is that I managed not to die during the previous 364 days.

Maybe I have survivors guilt (if there is such a thing) because I just finished watching the Notable Deaths segment on CBS Sunday Morning. Notable because their names were known in sports, arts, politics and other world stages.

That got me thinking about my departed family, friends and acquaintances, notable in my heart… to you I say, “Hail and Farewell”.


I know for some, there were some rough seas in 2022. And you might hear them say they are happy to see 2022 go. But in reality it’s just another tick. If you cornered me for an answer, I’d say 2022 was a pretty good year for us. But it’s just another tick.

Just Another Tick, Same Opportunities

Fundamentally, nothing changed from December 31 to January 1. For the earth, (it’s been around about 4 billion years), it’s just another tick. Barely noticeable. So what’s that leave us? It leaves us the same opportunities we’ve always enjoyed.

The opportunity to:

  • Be generous.
  • To love.
  • To grow.
  • To create.
  • To serve.

The planet won’t notice or give you credit. I’d like to hope that the “Creator” would take note. But I’ll certainly see it, and those in your sphere will be served and nourished.

The Art of Living Well

My resolution on this tick, is to apply all the opportunities to my practice, the art of photography and legacy, to serve my audience.

Final Photo of the Year

Edward and Jacqueline Winslow
70th Wedding Anniversary
December 28, 2022

Married couple 70 years
Ed and Jackie Winslow

We spent a week in the Mid and Rocky Mountain West at the end of the year and this is the only time I got my camera out. This photograph needed to be made to celebrate this “tick”.

The children of Edward and Jacqueline Winslow happily announce their parents’ 70th wedding anniversary. Ed and Jackie were married December 28th 1952 in the Congregational Church in downtown Cheyenne Wyoming.

They are blessed with 5 children, Mike, Pat, Kelly, Kathleen and Eric. The extended family includes loving spouses, 16 grand children and 12 great grand children.

Congratulations Mom and Dad! Such an amazing accomplishment.

In Closing

May the coming ticks bring you good health and prosperity. May you find strength when the seas get rough and overflow thanksgiving when they are calm. Stay humble. Be generous with your resources, actions and especially your words. May the path you choose each day bring you peace and understanding.

Your friend,

7 thoughts on “Just Another Tick

  1. Thanks Mike, Enjoyed the blog.
    In 2023 Taking time to be in the present tic and to let go of tics that I have no control ♥️♥️. Yo be a good human and to listen more . Happy 2023 😊
    Cheers everyone 🥂🍻

    1. Thanks for dropping in Chillie.

  2. Well said Mike

  3. Thank you, Mike. As usual some great thoughts, that is why our Wednesday meetings are special. I hope 2023 is a good one for you and your family.

    1. Thanks Steve! Cheers

  4. Well done, my friend. Keep up the good work!!

  5. Another fine read by my philosophical friend.

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