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The Masquerade

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy…

OK. I’ve had several requests for something happy mostly because …. Circle the number(s) that best apply to you:

  1. The sky is grey
  2. The pandemic
  3. The protests
  4. The news
  5. The politics
  6. The uncertain times
  7. The shut down
  8. Zoom meetings
  9. The lock down
  10. Working from home
  11. Home schooling
  12. Social media
  13. The media in general
  14. The bullshit
  15. The hatred
  16. The violence
  17. Uncertainty
  18. Fear
  19. Stress
  20. The other

I think my “other” thing is the masquerade. Something about that just seems fishy. I imagine a mask would help if you’re sick, running a fever, wheezing, sneezing, coughing, slobbering and then touching everything… In that case, would you please stay away from the grocery store?

And if you agree with that criteria, maybe we should consider mandating banning children under 10 from the grocery store too. They’re the real threat. (Wink).

Us people inhabiting this planet did not evolve to socially distance, or live in a sterile risk free world in obscurity and anonymity wearing masks. Masks are associated with distrusted people like stage coach robbers and the Klu Klux Klan. I realize masks are necessary in a surgical suite, but the local grocery store, county park or bread company are not operating theaters.

99.987654321% of us human beings are social animals and it’s impossible to be social if you can’t see my face. You are no longer my neighbor, you become a stranger.

I don’t know about you stranger, but I’ve always maintained a healthy skepticism regarding elected officials and the media. Yes, I voted for one side or the other, but that doesn’t mean I blindly trust them and I’m not naive enough to believe any of them are scandal free and morally as pure as the driven snow. Additionally my healthy mental diet prohibits me from watching network news. I read, I study and have subscribed to the Johns Hopkins daily newsletter to stay informed. As a 66 year old man, they say I’m high risk. That aside, I’d rather make my own health decisions and think for myself. I’m not a conspiracist, but I can’t help to wonder how it so happened that the day this shit hit the fan, so many celebs had already recorded commercials to take the directive to the masses to stay home and mask up.

I don’t deny there is a problem. Here’s an possible solution. Let’s help the compromised people isolate and protect themselves while the rest of us (who choose to) get to work and get on living. Wrecking the entire United States economy was a pretty high price to pay. Now they want to wreck the social order and culture by mandating masks. The sooner schools, polling places, concert venues, baseball stadiums and movie theaters open, the better. Let’s end the masquerade.

Before you scroll down to my “happy” photo of the day, please know that I invite thoughtful comments and different points of view in the “leave a reply” box below.

Last Sunday, Patty and I visited the sunflower fields at Columbia Bottoms Conservation Area in North Saint Louis County just south of the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. Borrowing her famous heart sunglasses, we created this image add some sunshine to your day.

Newest addition to the “Words that Matter” greeting card collection.

Get all the info about my ready to frame 5×7 greeting cards collection here. All my images are available as fine art prints. But you knew that already.

In closing, my wish for you is good health and prosperity. Thanks for taking a minute to hang out.

Finally, god damn the virus and god damn violence and hatred.

Your friend,

5 thoughts on “The Masquerade

  1. Mike,
    You’re not supposed to wear a ski mask. That could be freaking people out and what’s making you feel isolated.
    As for me…I’m willing to cover my mouth & nose and smell my own stink breath if it helps get us past this faster. I’m even willing to do it just to make others feel more comfortable (or less uncomfortable) around me. There’s enough freaking tension out there already – I’ll do my part not to create more. Even with a mask, people can see my eyes and can tell that I’m smiling.

    Maybe we all just need to smile more?
    P.S. I LOVE the sunflower photo!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Lori. Your eyes do smile!

  2. I love this happy card, Mike! Can’t wait to get my order and mail them out to friends & family…and bring a little sunshine to their day! #wordsthatmatter

    1. Christee – They don’t call me Mr. Sunshine for nuthin’… Seriously, I’m glad I’ve met you in the networking world thanks to Ana Alt. Hey, here’s a free tip. Include your website when you comment and Google nudges your site up in the rankings. See you Friday. I’ve got your order!

  3. […] I’m concerned for children falling behind in education and just being screwed mentally and physically up by the mask mandates. […]

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