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The Business of Art

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The Photographer’s Soul

If I die before I’m known as an artist,

I’ll surely be known as a dreamer.

Mike Winslow

The Business of Art

The business of art is really not my thing. Nonetheless, sometimes I find myself thinking it is, mostly to stroke my own ego (ergo, the quote above). And hence I find the walls in my home bare of some of my favorite works, now hanging in Picasso’s Coffee Shop at the Streets of Saint Charles during the months of July and August.

Picasso's Streets of St. Charles
Picasso’s Coffee

Here’s a 50 second look around the Café.


Even tho’ the business of art is not my thing, I have sold some art along the way like the “Sunflower Sunglasses” and the “Eads Bridge”. When it comes to art for your home or office, the first consideration is the size of the space. I can print up to 40×60 inches or have some beautiful stocking stuffers 4×6. Don’t forget the holidays are coming.

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  • Art in the art show
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You can view my fine art gallery here.


Art is fun, but my real passion is for portraiture. At this point in my life, I find myself thinking a lot about legacy. Why? Probably several reasons. Here are a couple.

Patty’s brother Mark died suddenly in the month of November, some years back. Mark was your American home grown blue collar kind of guy that always tried to do his best for family, friends and country and photographs weren’t a big deal for Mark. When it came to planning a memorial there was not one decent picture digital or print of Mark as an adult. And that to me was a shame.

Another reason I find myself thinking about legacy is that as I publish this blog on Friday August 5th 2020, some of my high school classmates will be gathering in the evening for a cocktail party to launch the 50th Reunion Event. There is quite a lengthy list of names, many of whom I remember, in the “in memoriam” section of our class reunion website…and that’s something that gets me thinking about legacy too.

To everyone of the Class of ’72, cheers!


Legacy is what we leave behind. I fully understand that my Art will survive me. And it is hanging in living rooms and offices. But more importantly to me, the portraiture that I deliver will be in family albums, hanging on walls, and filed in dusty boxes in the basement somewhere waiting for someone in the future to discover.

My legacy probably won’t include a huge financial estate, but will include an art collection, thousands of prints, and a library of books that have shaped my views and directed my life.


Thanks for dropping by today and if you have a thought about the business of art or legacy, I’d love to hear it in the comment section below. If I’ve got you thinking, fall is a great time of year for photos be it family, seniors, maternity and branding. Give me a call and we can discuss your needs.

Be watching for the next blog as I did a fun project last May that I’m going to share with you.

Your friend,

Ps. Enjoy the current gallery of amazing photos.

Just for shits and grins, I’ll leave you with this photo from my 45th reunion at the Holiday Inn in Cheyenne Wyoming. That clean cut looking guy is really not me. The pandemic finished removing the color from my hair and gave me more wrinkles. Patty is always cute as ever.

Man and Woman
Mike and Patty East High School Reunion Cheyenne Wy. August 2017

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