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Urban Photoshoot

4-20-19 Saint Louis

The sun was in full blaze, yet the temps were still moderate to slightly cool when Patty and I joined up with Paige Butler’s photog/model Facebook event at Kiener Plaza in Saint Louis Saturday early afternoon. Even though we were newcomers in this group, everyone was friendly and we made some great connections. Before we got started though, this skateboarder caught my attention and gave me a little show. I don’t know how but he landed upright right back on the board!

This guy landed this trick!

Once our group assembled we went to the roof of the parking garage and I was lucky enough meet and pair up with Rylie Frohock for about 20 minutes of shooting. Rylie was a pleasure to work with because she knows how to pose and takes direction well. Here’s my three favs. (Click on an image to go to gallery mode.)

As it is with meetups and events, everyone takes turns with different models and photographers. Rather than working more, I enjoyed hanging out and watching the other photographers and models work. When everyone went to the next location in The Grove, Patty and I bellied up to Calico’s bar and caught the last few innings as the Cards beat the Mets 10-2.

I’ll leave you with this final pic of my favorite model. Thanks for stopping by.

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