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The Light

Young woman
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The Photographer’s Soul

“All I do is make, shape or follow the light”

The artist known as Mike

The Light

But before I get to The Light – first a light-hearted story…

Couple in Soft Light

Patty and I attended a fund raising gala April 30th to support The Child Advocacy Center of Northeast Missouri. There was some pretty decent light in the parking garage so we took this selfie. As it turns out, I didn’t get around to posting the photo on Facebook until a week later when we were on our way to a very casual birthday party in Lake St. Louis, MO.

Maybe you had to be there but I had to chuckle when I received all these amazing remarks and compliments wishing us a good time at the birthday party. (It also tells me that I have some very supportive and loving friends on Facebook.) If we are not already, friend me on Facebook to see all the nice comments.

( I agree with Lynne )

The Light

Light is a pretty fascinating subject. Light has qualities like temperature and hardness or softness. As a photographer I always notice the light where ever I’m at and what ever I’m doing – including drinking beer at a local brewery. This is Season and she is a beer bartending professional. There is a certain spot in the establishment where the light is just right and I can make images like this.

Young woman in natural light

Lady in Red

Make Shape or Follow

Sometimes I need more control. In the shot below I used 3 studio strobes to make shape (and follow) the light.

Studio Light Portrait woman
Studio Portrait Session

In Closing

In closing I’ll leave you with the etymology of ‘photography. From photos (ϕοτοσ), light, and graphos (γραοσ), writing, delineation, or painting. In other words, to write with light.

I’ve photographed some amazing beautiful people lately, but you won’t see the images on this blog. You will have to click through to AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHS in order to see my work. Otherwise you will miss out.

Thank you for dropping by today.



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7 thoughts on “The Light

  1. Beautiful stated as always.

    1. There is light in you my friend.

  2. Wonderful! We could always use some more control:)

  3. Thank you, Mike. An important exercise for photographers is to do what Jay Maisel called “daily visual pushups”. The idea is to learn to see light by making at least one picture a day of a familiar subject. Edward Weston shot a white teacup on a white saucer on a white tablecloth every day for a year. Irving Penn photographed a brass reading lamp every day for 20 years. There are similar stories about Man Ray, Richard Avedon, Ansel Adams, Pete Turner and more. Maisel made the point that digital cameras allow for leveraging a wider variety of available and artificial light than film allowed.

    1. Preston, your knowledge of the light runs deep. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate you.

  4. I look forward to your words of wisdom in every blog.

    1. I thank God for you Amy. Always take my words of wisdom with a grain of salt.

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