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Life Is Short

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Life Is Short

This is my 69th Harvest Season

How short? Nobody really knows. I’m 68 years old and realize I’ve lived more years than I have left. How many more? Nobody really knows. I’ve already outlived many of my contemporaries confirmed by one glance at the 50th class reunion “In Memorial” page.

Which brings me to the question, “What, of all the stuff we accumulate in this life, really matters?”. In the end probably the estate (wealth) and the story. The story includes your family, library, letters and photographs. The estate and the story is your legacy. Legacy is what you leave behind and how you will be remembered.

My Story

Last summer I was contacted by an online business magazine for an interview looking for my story. Answering the questions. I was pleased with the piece and you can read it by clicking on the link in the quote. It’s something that I’ll leave behind.

I know every time I deliver a finished project, my work will survive me and most likely my subject. 

Mike Winslow, voyage-STl magazine


Currently, it’s fall family photo time. I’m booking work for portraits with holiday greeting cards in mind. Additionally, I’ve be fairly steady working photography for several corporate events like picnics and golf tournaments.

Family Photo

Higher Education

Recently, I was privileged to sit in with Fashion Photographer Preston Page while he was working a jewelry shoot. I appreciate the generosity and comradery. I picked up a few tips and discovered a couple pieces of equipment that I “can’t live without”. I’d encourage you to look at his website and follow on social. He does some amazing photography.

Fashion Photography
Preston Page

Life is Short

Patty and I spent last Valentine’s Day at Defiance Ridge Vineyards enjoying the wine and dance music. I couldn’t help to notice a couple sitting near us definitely in the Valentine spirit. The light was good and the setting was decent so I offered to shoot a snapshot of the couple. Afterward we joined them at their table and enjoyed a quite pleasant conversation. Over the summer we joined up with them a couple more times.

Valentine Couple
Steve and Caroline

I was devastated to find out Steve Neal died tragically in a car accident September 11. This is how I remember Steve. He was kind, generous and easy going. I didn’t know him extremely well. None the less there is a hole in my heart. My sympathy and support go out to Caroline and all the family and friends. Steve, I will miss you.

In Closing

Sorry to leave you on a sad note. I think telling the story is part of the grieving process for me.

Life is short.

Your friend,

Ps. Look at these Amazing Photos if you need to be cheered up.

9 thoughts on “Life Is Short

  1. I enjoyed this blog very much. It made me think about my own life, in the best way. I love all the emotions felt in this. Thank you.

  2. I love this blog it’s a reminder that we have a short time here on earth as Our lives can change in a split second. Be grateful for what you have. Spend time with your family, friends and loved one. Give hugs & kisses , as you never know when it will be your last! ♥️

    1. True, Honey.

  3. Very nice post, Mike, and thank you for the kind words! Life is indeed short. An old friend was fond of saying, “The moment you were born, you began to die…”. While we can eat right, exercise, and be proactive with our health, the universe may have something else headed our way. Like Anne Hodges, who in 1954 was struck by a meteorite while napping on her sofa. There are those who complain about getting older, especially for mileston birthdays, to which I am compelled to respond, “It beats the alternative!” As for what we leave behind, I’ve always thought the most important are kindnesses that can be paid forward.

    1. Well said.

  4. I love this blog. Too many times we try to fit everything in and end up enjoying none of it. This reminds us to live in the moment. Dishes and laundry can wait when my boys want to play a board game or just sit and chat about their day. Thank you for the reminder!

  5. […] During my last 10 minute presentation I spent some time talking a couples portrait I made last Valentines day. Unfortunately he died suddenly in September (it messed me up), and how grateful she was to have this photo. “Sadly I write to tell you that Steve died on 9.11.22.  It has been devastating for his 4 children, myself, family and friends.  I treasure more than ever the photographs you took of us on Valentine’s….” (more here) […]

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