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Honorable Mention

portrait of a woman in red
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The Photographer’s Soul

“Hair Bird” Well, it’s technically excellent, has dynamic composition, and is just plain fun.

Michael C. Daft – Juror for the “Beyond the lense xvii” Photographic Exhibition 2024

Honorable Mention

So I didn’t get first place and I didn’t get second or third either, but I did rate an honorable mention and that ain’t too bad out of 90 original submissions. I’ll admit, the award gave me a nice little “lift”. Patty enjoyed it too.

I found Joseph Wilson, Center for Advanced Professional Studies student, in front of my lens last August when I went to Lewis and Clark as a guest lecturer. I had suggested the students bring something fun in case we had a few minutes to have some fun. Joseph brought his parakeet. And the rest as they say is…

Man in front of photograph

Word for the Year

It’s rather late I know, but happy new year!

My word for the year is “EMBRACE”. Honestly, embracing isn’t exactly my style. I’m just as likely to fight anything rather than embrace it, but some things aren’t going to change regardless. I’ll be 70 years old this summer. Just EMBRACE it, Mike. It’s a presidential election year, just EMBRACE the process Mike.

I’m mostly excited about EMBRACING the opportunities that are already presenting themselves that challenge me to evolve to a higher or broader level of service and technical excellence, and leave my nice little comfort zone behind.

How about you? Do you have a word for the year? I’d love to hear about it in the comment box below.

Branding Your Business Image

This is Derlene Hirtz with You Empowered Services, a successful life and success coach. I haven’t had a chance to look at all the photos from this shoot yet, but I really like this one. Branding sessions tell your story and convey your personality.

portrait of a woman in red

Fun Fotos

Fun fotos is just a glimpse of some of my favorite images of late. They might be portraits, snapshots, candid shots or whatever.

  • portrait of a woman
  • portrait of a man
  • portrait of a woman
  • portrait of a man
  • portrait of a woman
  • portrait of a man
  • portrait of a woman
  • portrait of a man
  • portrait of a man

All (but one) of the above images were shot at my Up Your Image Headshot Express event in Cottleville last month. The lady in the red framed glasses was shot in my studio. You can see that there is no difference in quality. I have a new headshot event coming up Feb 21. These are 15 minute photo sessions where you receive a professionally retouched portrait at event pricing. For more information, click here.

Final Thought

My job, “human work that matters for people who care”, brings me into close contact with beautiful diverse humans every day. And here’s one thing we all have in common, we all breathe the same air. Regardless of differing religious affiliations, skin color, political parties we all breathe the same air.

Are our differences grounds for hate? War? Would I be justified to cancel you because we hold different views?

If I was in charge of the universe, the first two commandments would read like this.

  • #1 – Don’t be an asshole
  • #2 – See #1 – We all breathe the same air.

I could go on to define the characteristics of an asshole, but I think as humans we are born with this innate understanding.

Embrace the differences and work together for good for all those we share this atmosphere with. Practice this and I think there’s a good chance you might rate, at the minimum, an honorable mention.

Thanks for dropping by.


3 thoughts on “Honorable Mention

  1. Congratulations on your upcoming birthday, Mike! As for embracing it, keep in mind that it beats the alternative. As for embracing diversity, there is a principle of economic and anthropology that all people benefit much more from cooperation (think rushing aid to a region ravaged by a tsunami) vs. competition (think a pointless war just because some guy wants more of what some other guy has, or cheap labor because slaves don’t have employer matching 401Ks).

  2. I would love to live in a world where being an asshole was prohibited 🚫

    Cant we all just get along. Spread love ❤️……not hate.

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