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Holidays 2020

That was quite a year!

That was quite a year I think you’ll agree. Patty and I are grateful to have survived the remodeling, the cultural changes and the politics. Now it is the holidays 2020 and most of all, we are grateful for you our friends and family, and of course, each other.

Remodeled and ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

Ozark Winter Photos

Two weeks ago, we took a weekend getaway into the Ozarks and stayed at Echo Bluff Lodge. It felt good to leave “the grid” for a day and a half. A park ranger told us the Round Spring Wild Horse Herd had been seen recently on the south end of the property.

Echo Bluff Lodge (north of Eminence Missouri)

It was dark Sunday morning at 6:15, 28 degrees with a hard frost when we drove out in search for the horses. Fortunately, they were right where the ranger indicated we might find them.

Wild Horses Eminence Missouri

You can see the muscles in neck and breast.

Wild Horse

I was particularly fond of the image below because sometimes my mane resembles his.

They were grazing and moving deeper into the forest when I shot the one below. Patty and I decided to make it the front of our Christmas card. (By the way, if you’d like a Christmas card from us, email me or leave a comment below.)

Wild horses

Looking ahead…

Looking ahead to 2021, Patty is still working for Bayer and I’m still working on my boutique photography business. Patty says I’ve become a decent photographer and I say she’s doing pretty good herself. So, we’ll be spending quite a bit if time taking walks and drives with cameras in hand, just like last year.

In closing

Before I leave, I’d like to invite you to browse my Autumn 2020 Gallery. It would be my hope you enjoy the images I’ve curated from the past several months. Please consider subscribing to my blog, and by all means, leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

It is difficult to condense all the events of the past 12 months and all the feelings that we have into a sentence or two, but I’ll try.

From our hearts and with our love, happy holidays! May you enjoy a prosperous journey in the coming new year. Best wishes!

Mike, Patty and bella
Another Christmas for an Old Lady

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  1. Merry Christmas to you two lovebirds! I wish you both blessings, health and prosperity in the new year! Hugs! Lori

    1. Back at you girlfriend !

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