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Compelling Headlines

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The Photographer’s Soul

August, die she must
The autumn winds blow chilly and cold
September, I’ll remember
A love once new has now grown old

1965 Words and Music by Paul Simon
dying sunflower lamenting the end of the season

Today’s Quote

Today’s quote is the third verse from “April Come She Will” and is a track from The Sounds of Silence album released in 1966. The tune was just sticking in my head. I don’t know what it means. It probably means something different to all of us. I think I was in 7th grade in 1966.

Compelling Headlines

I’ve been told to write compelling headlines if I want people to read my blog. But this morning I am experiencing “headline block” similar to writers block. So my ask today is that if you are inspired, leave a suggestion for a headline in the comment section below.

On The Techy Side

As a professional photographer I have to calibrate these expensive lenses and cameras to get the best results for my clients. Shooting wide open at f-1.2, you can see my 50mm prime lens was focusing a few millimeters behind the target. On the right you can see the calibrated image. Don’t forget to calibrate your phone (wink). And there is your “On the Techy Side” moment for the day.

micro focus target

Professional Headshots

professional headshot woman

I was at a meeting recently in a fairly large room attended by over 50 people. The organizer had a much needed microphone so everyone could be heard clearly. But then there is always that guy or gal who insist their voice carries and don’t need no stinking microphone because God gave them a voice that carries, so I get to hear them yell. Actually, they don’t know how to use a microphone and are insecure about using one.

It’s similar when it comes to headshots or portraiture. Some boys and girls claim they don’t need no stinking professional headshot, because their service or product is so great it will instantly overcome a crappy photo. Actually, they just don’t like having their photo made and possibly afraid of the way they really look.

Recently I noticed Patty’s headshot on LinkedIn was outdated, so we went to work and made this respectable image.

Feel free to contact me if you are looking for a respectable headshot.

Fun Fotos

Click on on the photo foto to see the next slide.

  • man, pinball
  • man, pinball
  • man, pinball
  • man, bike, sunflowers
  • woman in sunflowers
  • 2 women bartenders
  • woman
  • woman
  • 3 women

Final Thought

I like the way Tim Ferriss closes many of his podcasts,

“Be a little kinder to yourself, and to others.”


5 thoughts on “Compelling Headlines

  1. I could not agree more about microphone use! None of us are “above the policy,” so to speak. Just use the microphone!
    Also, you know I agree with updated headshots! I need one sooner rather than later. Please, let’s get this on the calendar

    1. And I thought I was the only one annoyed by this. Thanks for dropping by today Anna. I would be honored to update your headshot. Be thinking of a couple of outfits…

  2. Compelling Headline: “Dog Explodes On Busy Downtown Street. Scientists Baffled.”
    This was an example one of my Journalism teachers cited from the National Enquirer, circa 1968, of why the fake news rag outsold the New York Times. One news headline rule, if it bleeds, it leads.
    Then, when I landed a job as associate editor at the Sporting News, ran the new products desk for its sister publication, The Sporting Goods Dealer. I made an effort to write humorous headlines for the products. For a new tent that, thanks to its spring frame, could set itself up when a tab is released, my headline, “Pops Erect When Pulled” caused a bit of a stir, and increased circulation, so I didn’t get fired 🙂
    Headlines with a good verb tend to grab attention.

    1. Preston – your headlines are fucking great. (Pardon my French).

  3. […] A note of thanks to Preston Page for reaching back to his journalism days and suggesting a couple compelling headlines is the last issue of this blog. […]

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