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Ain’t That The Truth

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The Photographer’s Soul

Nobody gets into photography to make money.

Edward Crim – Photographer

Ain’t That The Truth

I was having lunch with Ed Crim, professional photographer, last week and we were discussing the “business” of photography. At some point Ed commented, “Nobody gets into photography to make money”. I responded, “Ain’t that the truth”. It’s probably true for all creatives and artists. It begins with a curiosity that slowly simmers into a passion. We get into photography to make stunning photographs and breath-taking art… assuming the money (and maybe fame) will follow.

I was told, that before digital age, a gal (or a guy) could make a good living owning a portrait studio because if John Q. Public wanted a “heirloom quality” print of the family, kids or pretty much anything else, that is where he went. Quality photography came at a price and without the proper equipment and knowledge it was impossible to “do it (well) yourself”.

The Problem

With everyone owning a camera these days I rarely see any quality (much less heirloom quality) images on social. And that’s my point. The problem now-a-days is digital imaging and social media has devalued the photo and dumbed down the public with shear quantity of cameras and the affordability of “film”.

To be clear, I’m not speaking about the snapshot you took of the Italian dinner and half finished glass of red wine that you took on your anniversary or the selfie with your besties after a night of drinking. No, I’m speaking about the story of you, your family and the experiences you’ve shared. The stuff that matters. Photos from the wedding, the reunion, the graduation, the funeral, the promotion.

What Constitutes A Quality Photograph?

What constitutes a quality photograph? Here is a partial list.

  • Impact
  • Technical Excellence
  • Creativity
  • Style
  • Composition
  • Presentation
  • Color Balance
  • Center of Interest
  • Lighting
  • Subject Matter
  • Technique
  • Story Telling
  • Paper or Medium
  • Framing

What Is The Ultimate Value Of A Quality Photograph?

What is the ultimate value of a quality photograph? When it comes to portraiture? In one word it is legacy. It’s the story it tells of you and the people you love and the places you’ve been. It’s the printed image that will survive both the subject and the photographer.

Fun Fotos

I assisted John Omoresemi, Wedding Photographer, last weekend. Here are a couple shots from the 2nd camera. My goal is to provide heirloom work that matters for people who care.

Final Thought

No you don’t need a professional photographer to follow you around documenting your life. But when was the last time you had your family together of family portraits? How old are the framed photos on your walls? Do you even have any?

My final thought is this. Consider having your headshot upgraded every two or three years and even though you are fat and out of shape, have a pro make your family portraits every couple of years, get them printed in an album or framed because are no guarantees in life and either one of us could be gone tomorrow.

Ain’t that the truth!

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