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Wild Horses

Missouri wild horses round spring herd
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Wild Horses – Round Spring Herd

The Ozark National Scenic Riverways is the first national park system to protect a river system and wild horses. Patty and I had visited twice before to see and photograph the horses and we stayed at Echo Bluff State Park. The second trip the herd was grazing within sight of the hotel. However I didn’t photograph anything spectacular as most of the time the horses “can’t” be bothered for a photo as they graze and being on the wrong side of the light is “the photographer’s problem”.

This year, 2022, we took our weekend photo getaway in mid-October arriving on a Friday evening. Saturday morning we were up before six a.m. (by force of habit) and decided to drive to Eminence Missouri for breakfast. And as we neared Round Spring we found the herd grazing in the early dawn light. I got safely off the road and around on the east side of the herd ideally situated to catch the morning light and fall colors.

It seemed they were on the move and they were definitely aware that Patty and I were lurking in the area. This first image is a 4 month old colt.

Missouri wild horses round spring herd
The Colt

The colt and sire.

Missouri wild horses round spring herd
Colt and Sire

This is the momma. Her ears are laid back probably indicating her concern with our presence during breakfast. I was shooting with a telephoto lens and doing my best to appear to be “non-threatening”.

Missouri wild horses round spring herd
The colt and mama

Patty is my behind the scenes photographer. Here’s a couple of shots.

  • woman and camera
  • Missouri wild horses round spring herd

Wild Horses and Art

Any of my images can be framed and printed to decorate your walls and enrich your space. There is a pretty broad selection of “Mike Winslows” already adorning walls in an office or home close to you. Here is a partial selection.

This art also makes memorable greeting cards that will set your holiday correspondence apart. Read more about that here.

Wrapping It Up

I let Patty braid my hair for a Halloween Party Costume. I think we look pretty good, don’t you?

Willie Nelson Halloween Costume
Willie and Chillie

Thanks for dropping by. I’d love to hear your comments in the appropriate box below.

Best autumn wishes,

Ps. And as always, I am here for your portrait work from headshots to fall and winter family photos.

4 thoughts on “Wild Horses

  1. Thank you for the reading, Mike! Happy Friday!

  2. Love the story, Echo Bluff State Park is the best in MO. What a great shot of the colt and sire, totally forgot how beautiful the sire’s long mane was.

    1. Thank YOU Patricia!

  3. Those horses are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us!

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