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My Best Work 1-2

Professional Head Shot Portrait


Originally (many years ago), I started a blog to have a platform to share my opinions and views with the world. Certainly the world would be a better place with my biases and slants. But then, what would differentiate me from those same political and cultural icons that I oppose or despise? Not much. Paraphrasing an ancient text, “regardless of my great works, without love I’m just a clanging chime subject to the whims of the wind”.


Today I think I’ve found a way to serve my fellow humans. My bio reads like this.

Mike is a freelance photographic artist specializing in “work that matters”. His specific intent is to bring good energy (love) into the world, value to its inhabitants and the owners or subjects of his work.

These days, I’m out to make a difference in my little corner of the neighborhood (and the subscribers of this blog, all 17 of you). Today I use my blog to share my best work.

My Best Work

My best work, photographically speaking, usually won’t be seen on social media because I don’t want to give rights to my artwork to Mark Zuckerberg and people like that. They’ve already made their millions by manipulating the algorithms and now fancy themselves truth detectors etc…

Sorry, I almost slipped into a rant.

Right away I see a lot of personal pronouns in this piece. It’s unavoidable when the title of the piece begins with the word “my”. I do enjoy interviewing people and writing about “them” when I have the opportunity. And it’s even possible I might even write about you. Everyone I photograph has a story.

Recent Client Stories

Recent client for website branding, Kimberly Lebbing is a wife, mother and entrepreneur success coach. Her niche is helping other entrepreneurs and business people find the thing that’s been keeping them stuck and fix it, usually in four hour session. You can get more than this layman’s description by going to her website, Kim trusted me with a branding shoot and here’s my best work.

Saint Charles MO Photographer, photography, branding, coaching, portrait, head shot
Kimberly Lebbing

Recent client for family portraiture, Jennifer Mackie is a single mother raising 2 teenage hockey players. She is a successful financial advisor in her “other” full time job. If you are in a transition of some kind, (job change, divorce etc) or just happen to be looking for advice, reach out to me and I will put you in contact.

Saint Charles Mo Photographer, photography, branding, coaching, portrait, head shot
Jennifer Mackie

Recent client for a maternity shoot, Caroling Livingstone is blessed to be carrying twins in her womb. Caroline is a long time friend and because of that I’m blessed to serve her and her husband David with a photo book as a record of this special time.

Saint Charles Mo Photographer, photography, branding, coaching, portrait, head shot
David and Caroline Livingstone, and Friar Pere Marquette giving his blessing

Closing thought

I’m very thankful for the trust these beautiful ladies and elegant gentlemen have placed in me to do this work. Thank you. Because of the trust and opportunities I’ve been given, I’ve been able to hone my skills and my craft resulting in a great deal of personal satisfaction in the work I do.

Finally, I’m grateful for my readers and value your comments and thoughts in the box below.

Your friend,

Ps. I would love to work with you on any projects you might have in mind and I’ve recently updated the head shot portfolio and you can see those photos here.