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Shooting with Cary O’Brien

This is a good story. As some of you may know, as a young man I started and owned a window cleaning business most of my adult career. This work has connected me with some amazing people like the owner of Cary O’Brien’s Salon and Spa in Saint Charles Missouri.

Cary O’Brien’s Salon and Spa 2069 Zumbehl Road Saint Charles Missouri

Now that I’m in my sixties looking back, I think I was really a creative trapped in a laborers body finally evolving into what I describe as an “In your face pix photographer” specializing in professional headshots, doing work that matters for people who care.

As of February 2019, I am still in the soft opening phase of this new enterprise, and out of pure generosity, Cary O’Brien gave me an hour of his time and use of his image so that I could express my art form.

It was about eleven degrees when Cary arrived at my studio (read house) and after just a couple of shots outside, I decided it was time to go inside. After we warmed up and got shooting, I captured the essence of “the world’s most interesting man”.

Mr. O’B, you are a gentleman and a professional. Thank you for your time sir. Your staff are friendly, personable and first class. And the salon is modern and up to date. I can’t recommend you enough.

To see Cary’s website …here.

Professional Head Shot Portrait
Cary O’Brien – R.I.P

Finally, in case you were wondering. Yes, I am still the official window cleaner for Cary O’Brien’s Salon and Spa.

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