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Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring Shoot

Weather Report:

The weather around here the last week has been cool and wet mostly, not conducive to relieving that other pandemic, “Cabin Fever”. So when the sun came out yesterday (Saturday) Patty and I went out in search of spring. Now this morning, at least around here, it’s freezing rain – correction, wet snow. Ugh.

Signs of Spring:

The Jonquils pictured below were delightfully back lit by the strong afternoon sun, so this 65 year old photographer got on his belly to document the signs of spring.

Jonquil – In the Daffodil family.

Patty and I saw other signs of spring too. The trees are beginning to bloom, dogwoods and magnolias. People were out for a walk or bicycling, but the social interaction was noticeably missing. Maybe eye contact and a slight nod of the head.

We picked up a coffee and beer (to go of course) at the Bike Stop Cafe. They were renting (sanitized) bikes which people seemed to be enjoying on the Katy Trail even though the air was fairly fresh. Mid forties.

For the last year I’ve been building a gallery of Saint Charles photographs and that’s what we worked on in the hour or so we were out shooting. The light was hard, so I mostly shot signs. (Hard light on a human is not very flattering.) I’m glad I got the Trailhead Brewing Company sign as they’ve be purchased by Schafly Brewery and the old sign will become history I suppose.

Another one that gave me a chuckle was the Daniel Boone Statue with my Saint Louis Blues cap. A friend and photographer, Caren Libby recently posted this same shot and I wanted to “one up” her in a friendly way. That one’s for you Caren. Give me a ring next time you want to go shooting.

Thinking of friends and family, that’s all of you, Patty and myself hold you deeply in our hearts. One foot in front of the other – I keep saying over and over to myself. Only one choice here, evolve.

In order to see the updated gallery and my artful injection for the universe, you need to press the “work that matters” button below. Leave a comment so I will know how you are. Peace.


4 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Love you Brother

    1. You too Patrick.

  2. Thank you Mike! Love reading these and seeing ur pics too… You really do work that matters!

    1. Good to hear from you Craig. Hang in there brother.

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