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Shooting with Phil Reid

Westbound Real Estate

I’ve known Phil close to 30 years. We met through my window cleaning enterprise. I was the vendor for his first storefront in Warrenton Missouri. Much has changed for both of us, but I’m grateful for the friendly professional relationship that has lasted all this time.

I was happy to hear that Phil wanted to update his headshot. I made the image he’s been using for the last couple of years, but with new equipment and skill I felt that the final product could be improved.

Phil is successful. To stay in the game 30 years, he’d have to be.

He candidly admitted to me that he talks more people out of buying and building on a 3-5 acre lot because he sees their optimistic estimate of the cost of the project will lead to trouble in the end. Phil knows the costs of building and his personal and business integrity won’t trade a short term profit for a long term bad deal.

If you are ready to “head west” to Warren County or western Saint Charles County and are looking for land, I can confidently recommend Phil Reid and Westbound Real Estate. Call Phil at 314-486-8642

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