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Sometimes I have too many images to share in the blog. This portfolio, “Amazing Photographs” is a handy spot to share recent work and will be updated frequently for the enjoyment of my die hard fans, and fellow photographers.

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Mike Winslow Photography

Thanks for dropping by Mike Winslow Photography. Enjoy more photos…

Fine Art

largest steam engine in the world.

If I die before I’m known as an artist,
I’ll surely be known as a dreamer.

Mike Winslow
It was twilight March 6th, 2020 and it was chilly. Myself, my partner Patty, and a handful of photographers walked out onto the Martin Luther King Bridge spanning the Mississippi River in Saint Louis to photograph the Eads Bridge and the Arch. The MLK was closed due to construction on the Illinois side. We were hoping for some clouds but were given a clear sky. The upside was no wind, which greatly enhanced the reflection on the water.
In 1867 (just two years after the civil war), the St. Louis Bridge and Iron Company hired James Buchanan Eads to build a bridge over the river to facilitate commerce in the expanding post war national economy. Dedicated July 4, 1874 this graceful work of art and architecture sits pretty for a photo session with ole Mike Winslow 146 years later. This is a 25 second exposure.The Martin Luther King bridge over the Mississippi River was closed for construction on a brisk evening March 6, 2020 when myself, Patty and a handful of photographers walked on to the bridge to ply our skill at capturing the Eads Bridge and the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Spruce up your office or home with original photographic art.

I’ll size it and give you the choice of your media:

  • Fine art paper
  • Metal
  • Canvas gallery wrap
  • and have it framed for you
  • will discuss commissioned work
  • ask – many images not posted yet, many old town St. Charles images if that’s your interest
  • Basic Price List

Call to discuss your needs.

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(Fine) art is subjective, so feel free to come to your own conclusions. Thanks for stopping by. This gallery is always updating so check to see what’s new.

Commercial Photography

Imported Baskets Kenya

Commercial Photography Imported Baskets

A local importer needs good photographs of her imported baskets for her websites including Etsy. I got her 175 web ready images after 2 hours of shooting and a couple of hours in post production.

Commercial Photography First Aid Kits

The Lighthouse for the Blind provides work for the visually impaired. They put these kits together for the government and other companies and also do industrial packaging. It is inspiring and interesting to see this process.

Commercial Photography Product Packaging


These bearings are used in some kind or conveyor system.

Professional Head Shot Portraits

Professional Head Shot Portrait

Professional Head Shot Portraits and More

I meet a lot of people looking for a professional head shot portrait but who hate the process or have had poor results in the past. I get it! When I talk to people about their portrait, some say they’d rather go to the dentist or negotiate for a new car at the dealership that go to the photographer.

Your Legacy Is A Gift

The best reason for having a professional portrait made and printed is your legacy. Legacy as defined by Webster is “a gift by will especially of money or other personal property”. Legacy is a “gift”. And as “by will” suggests, happens after someone dies. In my own case, I just can’t imagine anyone having the inclination or time to go view the photos on my phone, even if they could unlock it after I’ve gotten my wings and flown away. And who will take the time to sort out the 40,000 images on my hard drive? I have a difficult time managing them myself. Ultimately what I’ve printed will be the story and legacy that I will leave behind.

Your Professional Image

If you are in business, do you really think people will take you seriously if your profile photo is 10 years old, a selfie, or just rinky dink? Your professional head shot portrait is your professional image and is usually the first impression prospective clients have of you. (It’s probably the image you carry of yourself as well.)

And More…

I built this gallery several years ago because I wanted to feature professional business head shots. But lately, the “and more” is still portraiture, but I’ve decided to include some other styles and fun photos.

I sincerely hope you enjoy browsing and it would be my pleasure to discuss your ideas or projects.

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Fashion and Branding

Here is a sample of my work in fashion. You can find 50 or 60 additional faves from the Pronto fashion show here.