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The Photographer’s Soul

The Idea

The idea is to have a group of people interested in improving their skill and comfort in front of a camera (or who just like to have their photo made) while I explore new ideas and just stay in practice during slow times.

The idea came out of a conversation with some friends. I was lamenting the fact that the light was perfect for an outdoor shoot a few days prior but I was sans a client. My favorite model still holds down a full time job and is not always available. I was surprised when out of that handful of friends, 2 or 3, said they would go out a “play” if available…

So, that’s the idea. Create a select group of interested friends, and past clients, that I could reach out to and maybe create an opportunity for photographic art. Often times it would be short notice like an hour or two. I’d send out an idea, location or an event and see who is interested and available. But I’m not against planning a shoot either.

Who Is Mike’s Model?

The model is the person in front of my camera.

Mike Winslow

Which begs the question, “What is a model not?”

  • Not necessarily a professional
  • Not any age group
  • Not any body type
  • Not exclusive to either sex

So to summarize, the model is the person(s) in front of my camera and we will be working on an idea, a concept, a look, or just trying shit out.

What’s In It For The Model?

The model will receive one 8×10 digital image of their choosing and be able to purchase others at a 50% discount. For example the model could purchase all the selected digital images for $100.00.

The model can opt-out any time.

What’s In It For The Photographer?

Like every studio out there, I’ll get to use the photos responsibly for social media promotion, it will help me improve my craft, and not to mention it’s usually fun.


Mike’s Models Facebook Group. Life on Facebook’s terms means that if I make a post to the group there is no guarantee all the members will be notified of the post – algorithms and all that. After consulting with a social media guru, the only way to create a limited event and be sure the members of this group see it (maybe) is a Messenger group. So now, it’s getting redundant, not to mention I hate messenger groups because the ones I’ve seen are full of idle chatter and private conversations not relevant to the group as a whole. (Group texts are no different – my family is a prime example. UGH.)


I’ll use messenger to notify the group of an opportunity. Please PM me individually (the group doesn’t need to know you are having a colonoscopy today and can’t do it), if you are interested.

The Facebook Group

The group can be a place to share relevant content like photos and ideas (but not what you are eating for breakfast). I’ll share photos to the group from each excursion or shoot. I’ve also been posting videos that talk about modeling and looking good in front of a camera. And since I know some professional models, I’m thinking of fun social events where maybe we can get some coaching and practice.

Right now, this is a small, exclusive private group that I feel has potential to become something special.

My Desire

My desire is to bring good energy into the world, value to its inhabitants and the owners or subjects of my work.

I don’t offer sports, weddings, real estate, or children’s photography.

My “lane” includes these following styles of photography:

• Business Professional Head Shots
• Staff or team photos for agencies or professional practices
• Family Portraits
• Environmental (out of the studio)
• Fashion

Commercial Photography
• Events including festivals, fund raisers, golf tourneys, galas
• Business branding – individual and team images, about town or in the office
• Images for website or social media

• Boudoir, Glamour, and Maternity
• Heirloom and Luxury Photo Albums
• Eye Catching and Inspirational Art
• Custom Branded Greeting Cards


Thanks for reading to the bottom. I solicit your ideas and suggestions for the group and membership. Right now I’m keeping it pretty small but welcome nominations you might have. There is a comment box below and you are welcome to share and everyone can be in on that conversation if they want.

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Your friend,

Ps. I think 10 minute video is good for women who want to photograph well and give you an idea of what the photographer is trying to do. This is Patty’s favorite.