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Lori Yancey Brave Original Sexy Smart

Speaking of evolution… Recently I stated we all have the choice to evolve or not. Now I must correct myself. Sometimes, maybe usually I see now, it’s imposed.

What the hell are you talking about Mike?

Let’s just say an asteroid the size of Manhattan hit the gulf of Mexico and wiped out from the face of the earth a class of mammal we’ll call dinosaur. Everybody and everything that survived would have no choice but in evolve in the new paradigm, or die. Am I right?

On a different scale, it occurred to me that shit like divorce, death, disease, downsizing hits everybody – several times a lifetime.

‘got that off my chest…

….and I can thank Lori Yancey for the epiphany.


Lori is Brave Original Sexy and Smart – BOSS – in her own words. I agree. Her choice after her husband passed three years ago making her a young widow.

and it’s been a process not easy and not without help.

And now she’s evolved into the “Hiring Badass”, assisting businesses acquire talent.


Assisting talent acquire meaningful work. (Resume review).

Twenty years with Monsanto, finishing up in management – staffing R&D and IT positions, she knows how to look at a resume or job position, look at a person to see if it’s a fit on the acquisition side. And with empathy for the person being served a summons for divorce, handed a pink slip or informed the diagnoses is “not good”. She can coach a person with her resume review process.

There’s a lot more than that. It’s just the stuff I see sometimes when I engage a person in a portrait session.

‘work that matters.

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  1. […] and everything that survived would have no choice but in evolve in the new paradigm, or die. Am I right? […]

    1. The fact I wrote that phrase scares me a little bit. True, it’s been cataclysmic. I don’t think isolation is the evolution. That comes after the threat subsides. It might look like living with less and being thankful for more with an emphasis on kindness and love, but don’t quote me. I have no qualms about expressing my love for you and my fellow travelers in the new paradigm. Hugs. Hang in there.

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