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Just Another Tick v69

the mellow mushroom
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The Photographer’s Soul

There is still no cure for the common birthday.

John Glenn

Just Another Tick v69…

… is a week late. Yes, I fully intended to write some morose pithy stuff about turning 69 years old last Friday, but thank my lucky stars, I got busy. First of all, the business was welcomed. And secondly it saved me from inserting foot in mouth as the “Universe” sent me an attitude adjustment on the topic of aging via the live performances of Willie Nelson (90), and Robert Plant (74, and founding member of Led Zeppelin (1968)) along with Allison Krause (ageless) at the Hollywood Amphitheatre last Sunday night practicing their craft performing their music and doing the work that matters, not regarding their age. I’m thinking that for both these men, age is Just Another Tick.

For your enlightenment and entertainment, here’s a one-minute clip of Robert Plant singing “Gallows Pole” (1970 Led Zeppelin) with Allison Krause.

The stage still had some natural light when I made this clip. By the time Willie started playing, the sun had set and the lighting was blowing out the video. Therefore, no video from Willie.

Fun Fotos

I’m sure I’m not the only one to think of this alliteration, but I’m going to use it.

Among the styles of photography that can produce unexpected and fun fotos is Event Photography. (This could be graduations, reunions or corporate promotion events like golf or galas.) I was fortunate to have been contracted by Tammi Hilton owner of the Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakery in Cottleville, MO. Tammi was supporting Yuppy Puppies Forever Rescue. Here are a couple of fun fotos for your enjoyment.

  • the mellow mushroom
  • happy server
  • cute dog
  • A puppy
  • mother daughter
  • buddies
  • fun
  • fun
  • buddies
  • Friends, two women
  • dog
  • Child
  • friends two women
  • sculpture
  • sculpture
  • sculpture

My Jam

After some serious introspection, (periodic mental checkup around birthday time) I’ve concluded that my “jam” is handing my clients the work we’ve done and seeing their faces. This definitely motivates me more than money, (obvious by my bank balance). Although I think that comes in second as I do enjoy a roof over my head and three squares a day.

Lately my jam is bringing me corporate headshot work. I enjoy setting up my mobile studio on site and photographing a group of reluctant “victims” winning them over to being comfortable in their own skin. If you know anyone looking to update their headshot, or team headshots I can do this work in studio or on the road.

Menu of Photographic Services

Portrait Styles

– Business Professional Head Shots
– Family Portraiture and Events
– Environmental or Editorial
– Fashion

Commercial Photography

– Onsite Corporate Headshots and Photography
– Corporate Events Golf, Award, Holiday
– Non-Profits – Events, Galas
– Lifestyle and Business Branding

Fine Art

– Eye Catching and Inspirational Art
– Custom Branded Greeting Cards
– Heirloom and Luxury Albums

For Her

– Boudoir, Glamour and Maternity

Final Thought

When you think about aging, you might as well begin with the end in mind. We’re all going to die. Working backwards from that, we have only two choices. We can complain about the setup or do the work that matters.

Until next time,

Ps. If you have thoughts on aging, or anything else, I’d love to hear them in the appropriate box below.

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