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Thank You

Thank you for your curiosity and choosing to learn more of our service. As a boutique photographer, my work is not booking as many photography sessions into a day as I can. Rarely I’ll do two in a day, say one in the morning and one later on because it accommodates my client’s schedules. So I don’t have an online booking system.

early morning photoshoot

My work does consist of creating something unique (maybe epic) and special for my client(s) based on their intent and the story being told.

Do It Now

Delivering an exceptional product and experience begins with a conversation (over the phone or zoom). Here is my cell phone number. 636 578 5456. You will have to dial it yourself. Sending a text ahead of time beginning with “Tell me more” will save you leaving me a message. But either way is fine.

early morning photoshoot

Or if you would rather, email me here to get the conversation started.


When considering family photos or a portrait the main thing to remember is legacy. The prints will most likely survive you and your photographer. You get to enjoy it now. Those who follow will have a slice of your story (and maybe a slice their history) for years to come.

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