Spread the Good

So much “bad” receives all the attention of the media (and our thinking), that it just compounds the struggle each of us endures everyday to survive.

I don’t think I’m over dramatic. Just jump on the highway at rush hour, get all your bills paid on time, have a root canal, figure out why your child is doing poorly in school (or figure out how to pay for it), deal with elderly parents with dementia and put up with the clowns in your office…

Hello. I’m Mike Winslow, a photographer in Saint Louis community. I specialize in headshot portraiture and also offer fine art. Spread the Good is a project to inspire people without reason or cause, to say something loving, edifying and good through an unexpected greeting card. I have serious doubts that this idea will go viral, but if the idea has touched you, then I’ve done my job.

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts or experience in receiving or sending a card.

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