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The Amy Gill

Amy Gill

The Real Amy Gill

The “real” Amy Gill is a lot like me and you… ‘wakes up each morning and puts her pants on one leg at a time’. As a busy wife and mother managing a home, as a respected professional managing a career, Amy noticed that time, her most valued commodity, was in short supply. Time for the things that matter like family, friends and community – time for things that reduce stress and promote health.

Amy is an emerging leader worth watching. She is on a journey to take back time for herself and give back time to those who have similar values and goals, that is to find the homeostasis (balance of good health and happiness) that can be so easily lost in our crazy culture.

Nothing like throwing punches with 8lb weights to get your workout started.

Amy believes in coaching. That is why she works with trainers. Currently working with SDO Fitness and Wellness, I photographed Cornelius Meeks take her through her paces.

Planning the workout…

Amy Gill and Cornelius Meeks

Just throw in some dips to to keep the circulation going in your triceps…

… and focus your mind.

Then to round off a vigorous upper body workout, the house photographer insists on a short modeling session… just before she runs up the hill to get dinner ready for her husband and 2 boys.

What is Amy Gill all about? Eating well. Treating her skin well. Treating her body well. Treating her friends and family well. Treating her team and clients well. And finally taking a few moments to enjoy the fruit of her work.

Amy Gill and the Eads Bridge

To see more pics from this shoot, please visit The Amy Gill spring 2021 photoshoot .

You can contact Amy Gill on Facebook or her website The Amy Gill

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